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Your 10-Minute Butt-Firming Routine


These multitasking strikes from coach Larysa DiDio will assist you to sculpt a youthful, stronger, firmer physique—particularly in these areas all of us wish to tone, the butt and higher again—in simply minutes a day. All you want is a pair of hand weights. (Love this 10-minute exercise? There’s extra the place this got here from. Get your copy of the Slot in 10 DVD right now!)

The way to do it: Carry out every train for 45 seconds, resting for 30 seconds between strikes. Repeat all the circuit twice.

1. Goblet Squat into Overhead Press

Jenna Bergen Southerland

Begin with ft barely wider than hip-distance aside, holding one weight vertically near your chest. Bend knees and decrease right into a squat, bringing elbows inside knees. Return to standing, urgent weight overhead.  

Skilled tip: Press by means of your heels as you come to standing.

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2. Plié Squat into X Carry

Jenna Bergen Southerland

Stand with ft large, toes out and heels in, holding one weight in every hand. Bend knees and decrease right into a plié squat, arms prolonged towards flooring. Press by means of heels to return to standing as you elevate weights to chest peak, palms dealing with you and elbows bent at shoulder peak. With out shifting elbows, increase forearms, bringing weights above shoulders with palms dealing with out. Instantly reverse the transfer, decreasing again down right into a plié squat.

Skilled tip: Squeeze your thighs as you straighten your legs.

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3. Squat and Squeeze

Jenna Bergen Southerland

Stand with ft hip-distance aside, holding one weight in every hand in entrance of thighs. Bend knees and decrease right into a squat, bringing weights in entrance of knees. Press by means of heels and are available again to standing, squeezing your shoulder blades collectively along with your arms by your sides.

Skilled tip: Decrease your butt again and down as you squat; preserve knees behind toes.

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4. Y and Chest Lifts

Jenna Bergen Southerland

Begin mendacity on the ground along with your brow resting on the bottom. Prolong your arms overhead and barely out to the aspect, palms dealing with down. Carry your legs and arms off the bottom, making a “Y” along with your physique. Decrease again down, then sweep your arms behind you, palms dealing with up, and elevate your chest just a few inches off the ground. Proceed alternating between “Y” and chest lifts.

Skilled tip: Squeeze your butt once you elevate your legs off the ground.


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