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10-Minute Abs Exercise For A Flatter Stomach


Shock! Good ol’ crunches are one of many quickest methods to agency your midsection. (Hate crunches? Bear with us.) Thanks to five a long time of analysis and practically 90 research, scientists have zeroed in on one of the best strikes to flatten your stomach. The key is to actually fatigue your abs—not a straightforward job, as a result of they’re used to working all day to maintain you standing tall. However we created a routine that, when mixed with common cardio, does it in simply 4 strikes.

We all know for positive as a result of we had practically a dozen ladies road-test this system as a part of our Prevention Health Lab. “I could not consider the distinction a couple of days made,” says Gwen Hoover, 48, of Fogelsville, PA, who whittled greater than 2 inches off her center, misplaced 14% of her stomach fats, and dropped practically 4 kilos in simply 1 week! Even our slimmest testers noticed spectacular outcomes. At 5-foot-6 and 125 kilos, Rachelle Vander Schaaf, 49, of Macungie, PA, wasn’t anticipating to see an enormous change, however she shaved greater than 3 inches off her stomach—with out weight-reduction plan. You’ll be able to too! Begin now and showcase an all-around leaner stomach. (Get free Flat Stomach Food regimen recipes and wholesome meal concepts delivered to your in-box every week!)

Program at a Look

3 days per week: Do the SlimBelly Exercise strikes on 3 nonconsecutive days to tone your midsection.

5 days per week: Do 30 to 40 minutes of cardio, equivalent to brisk strolling, swimming, jogging, or bike using, to burn off stomach fats. You need to be respiratory onerous however nonetheless in a position to discuss briefly sentences.

Day-after-day: Watch parts and replenish on entire grains, greens, fruits, lean protein, and wholesome fat to maximise outcomes. Purpose for 1,600 to 1,800 energy unfold evenly all through the day. 

The Skilled: Tony Caterisano, PhD, train scientist and professor within the division of well being sciences at Furman College, designed this exercise.

Obtain and print this Flat Stomach Exercise!

Pattern Exercise Schedule

Day Exercise
Monday Abs and Cardio
Tuesday Cardio
Wednesday Relaxation
Thursday Abs and Cardio
Friday Relaxation
Saturday Abs and Cardio
Sunday Cardio 

Slim Stomach Exercise

Do 3 units of every of the 4 strikes, performing as many reps (1 second up, 1 second down) as attainable till you are feeling a burning sensation within the muscle tissue you are working or you may now not keep correct kind. Relaxation 15 seconds between units. You may seemingly be capable of do extra reps throughout earlier units and workouts—and that is okay. After you are able to do 50 reps or maintain a plank for two minutes for many units, attempt the “Make it Tougher” variations, change the order of the workouts, or do the strikes after one other kind of exercise.

1. Hipless Crunch

This variation higher targets abs by stopping hips and higher physique from serving to you carry.

Lie on again with legs lifted and bent, calves parallel to ground, and ft relaxed. Cross arms over chest with palms on shoulders. Contract belly muscle tissue and carry head, shoulders, and higher again about 30 levels off ground. Decrease with out touching head to ground. Exhale as you carry; inhale as you decrease. *Prevention Health Lab testers averaged 25 reps per set.

Make it simpler: Relaxation calves on a chair and prolong arms down at sides.

Make it tougher: Prolong legs straight up.


  • Do not pull chin towards chest.
  • Concentrate on abs doing the work; think about sliding rib cage towards hips.

    Cease when…

    • You begin pulling or jerking up with head, neck, or shoulders.
    • You’ll be able to’t preserve neck or shoulders relaxed.


      2. No-Palms Reverse Crunch

      As an alternative of holding arms at sides, the place they might help abs, anchor them overhead to activate extra stomach muscle tissue.

      Lie faceup with arms overhead and palms greedy a heavy piece of furnishings or railing. Increase ft into the air with legs bent. Contract abs, press again into ground, and carry hips off ground. Exhale as you carry; inhale as you decrease. *Prevention Health Lab testers averaged 21 reps per set.

      Make it simpler: Do the transfer with arms down at sides.

      Make it tougher: Straighten legs.


      • Really feel the contraction in abs, not in again or legs.
      • Tilt pelvis.
      • Consider lifting up as a substitute of pulling knees towards chest.

        Cease when…

        • You’ll be able to’t carry hips off the ground with out jerking.
        • Neck and shoulders are tense.

          3. V Crunch

          This train will get your higher and decrease physique shifting concurrently to recruit the utmost variety of muscle fibers in your midsection.

          Steadiness on tailbone with legs bent, ft off ground, and arms bent at sides. Be sure again is straight and chest is lifted. Lean again and prolong legs and arms, then pull again to start out place. *Prevention Health Lab testers averaged 11 reps per set.

          Make it simpler: Grasp sides of thighs with palms.

          Make it tougher: Maintain a 3- to 5-pound dumbbell in every hand.


          • Eyes gaze straight ahead; preserve chin parallel to ground.
          • Do not let again curve or shoulders rise towards ears.

            Cease when…

            • You’ll be able to’t preserve arms or legs up.
            • You’ll be able to’t preserve chest lifted.
            • Again or neck begins to harm.

              4. Aspect Plank

              Static balancing strikes like this one are difficult as a result of your deepest abs work actually onerous to carry your core in midair. Do them after crunches to make sure full fatigue—and agency abs from each angle.

              Lie on proper facet, elbow beneath shoulder, ft stacked, left hand on hip. Contract abs to carry hip and leg off ground. Maintain till fatigued, noting your time. Do 3 units earlier than switching sides. *Prevention Health Lab testers averaged 19 seconds per facet for every set.

              Make it simpler: Bend legs and steadiness on backside knee and facet of decrease leg.

              Make it tougher: Straighten high arm towards sky.


              • Preserve head, neck, torso, hips, and legs multi functional straight line.
              • Do not sink into shoulder — press elbow into ground and carry torso.

                Cease when…

                • Hip is sagging towards ground.
                • Neck, shoulder, or again hurts.
                • You’ll be able to’t preserve physique in line.


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